NEEDING HELP? We have covered some of the most common questions below, to make your life that little bit easier, in deciding what to purchase. 


Shipping? Where is my order? How do I see?
All LuxeStick's orders when dispatched will have a tracking number attached to it. Please beware, this can often fall into your spam/junk folder.
Please make sure you are following this correctly to see where your order is. In some cases, orders can take a little longer than expected to arrive which is unfortunately out of our control as we always dispatch on time. 
If you have any questions in regards to any delays, please be sure to contact the postage service provider ( AU & NZ POST ) with your tracking number, before reaching out to us for any further help or information. 
What happens with Pre-orders?
All LuxeSticks that are currently out of stock, will be on pre-order, and sent out as soon as we are back in stock. Generally 7-12 business days. The product page will show this, if we are currently out of stock. 
If your order includes an item that is currently on pre-order, please be aware you will receive the entire order when this item(s) is back in stock, and will be sent off and fulfilled immediately. Discount codes also won't apply to any pre-ordered products at checkout, as a 10% discount is automatically applied already.
Which LuxeStick is best for me? I don't know where to start.
We have made it super easy for you, just like our masks. Simply take our carefully designed quiz right here, to find out which stick can help you achieve your ultimate skincare goals.
I have sensitive skin; can I use a LuxeStick?
All LuxeStick products are suitable for sensitive skin, as well as being suitable for kids. We also keep the scents in all our products very minimal, to make sure. Just like any new beauty product we always highly recommend doing a patch test prior to use to ensure it’s right for you.
What are the key Benefits from each LuxeStick?
All our LuxeSticks, are designed to replenish, moisturize and leave your skin feeling fresh. Each of our individual clay sticks, has its own unique and tailored benefits which you can find further information on the individual product pages.
Avocado Clay Stick Repair & Moisturize
Eggplant Clay StickClear & Smoothing
Pink Clay StickNourish & Restore
Charcoal Clay StickDetox & Brightening
Orange Clay StickTighten & Tone
Are your products Vegan?
All LuxeStick products are vegan, and cruelty free, apart from our Collagen based LuxeStick. In terms of quality, sustainability and bioavailability, we have used marine collagen which is better for you. We love our furry friends just as much as you do, which is why all our other products are cruelty free, and how it should be.
I have oily skin, which LuxeStick is best for me?
If you have oily skin, we recommend the use of our Charcoal Clay Stick. The ingredients may help absorb excess oil on your skin, with also helping clean out your pores and prevent acne breakouts. We then highly recommend, complimenting it with another unique Clay Mask Stick available.
How many times can i reuse a LuxeStick?
All our LuxeSticks, are designed to get anywhere between 30-35 uses per stick. All dependant on how often, and how much you apply to your face. 
What is Pink Mineral Clay, since it’s not a fruit?
Pink Mineral Clay is a form of Kaolin Clay and is a combination of white clay and red clay mixed together. Red kaolin clay is perfect for those with very oily skin while white kaolin clay is the opposite and is mild on the skin. Therefore, the result is a perfect combination of both these clays. Pink clay helps to restore and replenish skin with moisture, which is safe for all types of skin, including those who are sensitive.
Where are your ingredients sourced?
All LuxeStick's hero ingredients are sourced from and within Australia. However, in order to always deliver high-performance products to our customers like yourself, we also source some of the best complimentary ingredients worldwide.
Is LuxeSticks Australian made and owned?
Yes, LuxeSticks is a proudly owned and produced Australian and New Zealand brand. 
Can children use the LuxeSticks?
Yes, absolutely. All our sticks have been applied both on children and adults. These are designed to be used for everyone, anywhere, anytime.
How often should I use a LuxeStick?
For sensitive skin types, we recommend using the clay mask 1-2 times per week and for or all other skin types we recommend 2-3 times per week to maintain a healthy skin glow, and a great routine! All our LuxeSticks are designed, to be added to your current beauty regime. 
What ingredients are in each Clay Mask Stick? 
All our ingredients are 100% natural. You can find these individually listed on each unique clay mask stick, under the product description.
Do you ship internationally?
We certainly do. As a proud Australian, and New Zealand owned business we are available to ship worldwide, wherever you are in the world. Please see our shipping page for further details here.