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Manuka Honey - Limited Edition

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Currently on Pre-Order. Grab yours now ready for relaunch. Please note item won't be dispatched until it is back available. 

Introducing our LIMITED EDITION release, Manuka Honey LuxeStick in collaboration with New Zealand icon, CWK NIX

Are you ready for radiant, and glowing looking skin? Manuka honey has long been touted as a super-honey, and for good reason, and we have incorporated this into our limited edition Manuka Honey LuxeStick, allowing for Hydrated & Nourishing looking skin. 

Our uniquely designed Manuka honey LuxeStick, can help keep your skin feeling smooth and soft. This stick, can also help relieve skin that’s dry, flaky, scaly, or often rash-prone.

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or something in between, Manuka Honey can be a worthwhile addition to your regular skincare routine

Only a limited stock available. 

All our LuxeStick's are reusable, approx 30-35 times.

6 Key Benefits

Keep skin hydrated, and moisturized

Helps reduce ageing effects on the skin

A natural skin anti-inflammatory 

Powerful weapon against dry, cracked skin

Supports the treatment of acne

Keeping the skin feeling silky smooth

How to use
Vitamin E, Manuka honey extract,  Aqua, Olive oil, witch hazel Extract,  Brown algae extract, Portulaca oleracea extract, fennel honey essence, Glycerin, Aroma, Essential oil, Lactobionic acid, Kaolin, Diatomaceous Earth, Salt Mine Mud.
Manuka Honey - Limited Edition
Manuka Honey - Limited Edition
Manuka Honey - Limited Edition
Manuka Honey - Limited Edition
Manuka Honey - Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Worth every cent! Hope they do another stock 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Sharon Harwood

So smoothing for my face

Natahlia Cairns

I love it, feels so amazing on my skin


The smell is amazing and my skin feels and looks so nice and refreshed after. Would definitely recommend ☺️

Theresa Tamapeau
The best

Love this product